Tripura HC directs State Govt to ban sale of meat products in public places, streets

Tripura HC directs State Govt to ban sale of meat products in public places, streets

The Tripura High Court directed the State Government to ban the sale of meat products in public places and streets.


Shailesh Kumar Yadav (IAS), Municipal Commissioner, Agartala Municipal Corporation is present to assist the Court. He brings to our notice the fact that a tender has already been floated by the Agartala Municipal Corporation and this tender pertains to construction of abattoir/slaughter house. He submits that once the tender is finalized the time given for construction and completion of construction thereof is expected to be within a period of 18 months. He submits that this tender has been made by the AMC in anticipation of financial sanction. He further submits that a total number of 139 persons have been given trade licenses for dealing with meat. 

Court’s directions 

The division bench of Justice Indrajit Mahanty and Justice S.G. Chattopadhyay directed that the AMC should prepare a long term plan for not only setting up the abattoir/slaughter house but also for ensuring disposal of garbage in an appropriate scientific manner. 

The court said that all the authorities including the local police authorities shall render all necessary assistance to the AMC for enforcing and/or assisting in carrying out its duties. If more people apply for licenses the same shall be considered and disposed of at an early date so that people are not deprived of essential needs. 

Inspection must be carried out of all license premises and in particular attention should be kept that hygienic conditions are being maintained within the license premises. Sale of meat products should not be allowed in public places and/or streets. 

It was directed the AMC to seek assistance from the Veterinary Department to post a few of their officials who shall be given the authority to certify the quality of meat or meat products that are being made available for public sale.

The court added that the pollution control authority shall also carry out necessary steps to assist the Municipal authorities in maintaining sanitation and hygiene of all these areas.

In addition to the above the AMC shall also consider the need for additional resources and/or location for setting up of additional sewage treatment plants to meet the needs of the entire expanding city.   

It was ordered that the aforesaid directions as contained shall also be used by the appropriate department of the State Government including Finance, Urban Development and other co-related departments to implement the aforesaid directions in all Municipal bodies throughout the State to the extent feasible and financially possible. 

The court added that the AMC is further directed to bring to the notice of the Forest Department, particularly Chief Wildlife Warden if they come across any sale of banned endangered species of animals and in that event the Forest Department shall take all necessary steps to ensure that such sale does not take place and necessary steps in accordance with law shall be initiated by them. 

Case title: Sri Ankan Tilak Paul v/s The State of Tripura and Ors.

Citation: WP(C)(PIL) No.02 of 2019

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