Punjab and Haryana HC grants bail to accused of having Khalistani links and allegedly testing bombs and abetting commission of terrorist offences

The Punjab and Haryana High Court in the case of Amarjeet Singh @ Amar Singh v/s National Investigation Agency granted bail to the accused of having Khalistani links and allegedly testing bombs and abetting commission of terrorist offences.

The reason as such for the Special Judge to dismiss the bail application, though the name of the applicant was not found in the FIR, but during the course of investigation, as per the case of the prosecution it has come on record that the appellant Amarjeet Singh @ Amar Singh was associated with the pro-Khalistan terrorist gang to support Khalistan movement. On account of his close association with co-accused persons, he had advocated/abetted/advised/incited the commission of terrorist offencesand was also associated with the co-accused persons in testing bombs.

Mr. Pratham Sethi, Advocate for the appellant, contended that that as per the investigation itself he has been named in the said FIR only on account of the fact that he had met with Chandeep Singh @ Gabbar and Bikramjit Singh @ Bikkar Panjwar @ Bikkar Baba in the year 2015-2016 and the allegation that he had become highly radicalized.

Advocate Sandhu, on the other hand contended that the mastermind as such behind the said incidents was one Bikramjit Singh, who is stated to be absconding. The appellant was in touch with him and had participated in the training organized by him to make bombs and tested the bombs in the presence of the deceased Malkit Singh.

The division bench of Justice G.S. Sandhawalia and Justice Vikas Suri noted that no direct connection as such had been made by the police against the appellant. Mainly because there are some Khalistani mentions spotted in his social media account which are of offending nature as reproduced above which show that there are two mobile numbers that have been saved under the title ‘Guri Khalistani’ and another mobile number wherein the entry reads as ‘Khalistan Jindabad’ would not as such be conclusive proof that the appellant is a member of a terrorist group.

The court said that on account of the material which has been collected against him in the investigation, it can be safely recorded that the accusation is not prima facie true and he is entitled for the benefit of regular bail during the pendency of the trial. 

The court further directed that the appellant be produced before the Special Court within a week, to enable him to seek bail by furnishing bail bonds/surety bonds. 

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