Obscene song case: Nagpur court directs Honey Singh to submit voice sample for investigation

The Nagpur Court directed Honey Singh to submit a voice sample for investigation.


According to the applicant, Crime No.3074/2014 for the offence punishable U/Sec. 292 and 293 of the Indian Penal Code and U/Sec. 67 and 67(A) of the Information Technology Act 2000 is   pending against him wherein on 27/10/2015 Sessions Court has granted anticipatory bail to him by laying down certain conditions. Being a renowned musician and engaged in performing in live shows and concerts, is required to travel abroad. In pursuance of which, he had sought permission from the Court from time to time and now he is further required to visit Dubai from 29/01/2022 till 20/03/2022 and hence prayed to grant permission to him.


The applicant contended that the applicant is bound by the performance agreement, in pursuance of which he has to attend the event on 30/01/2022 and then on 14/02/2022 and then 18/03/2022.  However, he is ready to give a voice sample after the first event.  

The Investigating Officer contended that he had received the order of Judicial Magistrate, First Class, Nagpur to record voice sample.  In pursuance of which, a letter was issued to applicant on and he was asked to attend police station Panchpaoli, but he has not attended police station and informed on mail his inability to attend police station. Therefore, since he is not co operating investigation, if he is permitted to go he may not remain present before the Court. 

Court Order

The additional sessions judge S.A.S.M. Ali  said that it has perused the previous orders wherein   the permission was given to the applicant and it appears that the applicant has although had gone abroad, but did not breached conditions

The court allowed applicant Hirdesh Singh S/o Sarabjeet Singh @  Yo   Yo   Honey   Singh to   travel Dubai from 29/01/2022 to 04/02/2022 and is further directed to present himself before police   station   Panchpaoli,   Nagpur   in   between 04/02/2022 and 11/02/2022 so that his voice sample can be recorded. 

Case title: Hirdesh Singh S/o Sarabjeet Singh  @ Yo Yo Honey Singh v/s The State of Maharashtra

Citation: Misc. Criminal Application No. : 22 of 2022

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