Hijab ban: Karnataka HC asks students not to wear a religious dress during pendency of Case 

Hijab ban: Karnataka HC asks students not to wear religious dress during pendency of Case

The Karnataka High court on Thursday has asked students not to insist on wearing any cloth on campuses of educational institutions which can instigate people, till the Hijab matter is resolved. 

The court posted the matter on 14th February at 2.30 PM. It also said the educational institutions can resume classes for the students.

The three-judge full bench of Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, Justice J M Khazi, and Justice Krishna S Dixit, said it wants the matter to be resolved at the earliest but till that time peace and tranquillity is to be maintained. 

“We are ready to decide the issue at the earliest. But we feel that peace and tranquillity should be restored. Until you decide, you should not insist on wearing these religious clothes which are not conducive. It is a matter of a few days. Please cooperate,” the court said.

“We will direct that the institutions shall start. But till the matter is pending consideration before the Court,these students and all the stakeholder , they shall not insist on wearing religious garments, may be headdress or saffron shawl. We will restrain everyone. Because we want peace and tranquillity in the state. We are seized with the matter. We can continue the matter on a day to day basis,” the court said.

On behalf of the Petitioners raised objection to the interim restraint. “This kind of an order cannot be passed at this stage”, Kamat says and asks his objection to be recorded.

The Advocate further stated that this will amount to suspension of our rights. That will be a total affront to their rights. Because your lordships have not been determined. We are told to choose between food and water and both are essential.

After the hijab row in Karnataka took a violent turn, calm prevailed today in the educational situations ordered to be closed down and a full bench of the High Court heard the pleas challenging the ban on the headscarf while protests in support of the religious practice broke out in some more states.

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