Calcutta HC takes suo motu cognizance of alleged murder of student leader Anis Khan


The Calcutta High Court took suo motu cognizance of alleged murder of student leader Anis Khan.


The matter was mentioned expressing extreme urgency. A grave and emergent situation is stated to have emerged. In a shocking turn of events, one Anis Khan who is a social activist is stated to have been murdered. The said Anis Khan is stated to have publicly raised voice, inter alia, against donations being demanded by educational institutions and the poor condition of certain hospitals in Uluberia.


It is submitted that the Civic Volunteers/personnel of the Amta Police, stated to be acting at the instance of the Bagnan Police and under their pressure, went on to interrogate the said Anis Khan. 

It was further added that when the police reached his residence, they met his father on the ground floor and went up to the 3rd floor on the pretext of speaking to his son. It is submitted that after reaching the 3rd floor, the said Anis Khan was brutally beaten up by the Police, murdered and thrown over from the said higher floor. 

It is submitted that the authorities with a view to placate the situation, have offered a job to the deceased Anis Khan’s brother. It is also apprehended that investigation may be frustrated and compromised since allegations are primarily against the members of the ruling dispensation. 

Court Order

The single judge bench of Justice Rajasekhar Mantha directed that the papers in the form of a list of dates and a notarized affidavit be served on Mr. Amitesh Banerjee, Senior Standing Counsel for the State. 

The court further added that, any other facts may also be communicated to Mr. Banerjee. Mr. Banerjee may take appropriate instructions from the State and make appropriate submissions on the adjourned date i.e. 24th February, 2022. 

The court directed the registry to number the instant writ petition as a suo motu petition.

Case title: Anis Khan v/s State 

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