Bulli Bai Case: Delhi Court denies anticipatory bail as Conduct of accused was against secularism

Bulli Bai Case: Delhi Court denies anticipatory bail as Conduct of accused was against secularism

The Delhi Court denied the anticipatory bail to the accused as Conduct of the accused was against secularism.

The applicant, a resident of Bihar, is a student of engineering and is presently staying in a hostel at Karnataka. It is submitted that as per the case of the prosecution, the complainant, who is a journalist by profession, lodged the instant FIR as her doctored picture in lewd manner was displayed in bullibai.github.io in order to defame her. Another FIR was registered at Mumbai against the creator of Bulli Bai app and users of @bullibai, @sageox11, @hmmachaniceoki, @jattkhalsa7 and as per the allegations, applicant is alleged to be the user of twitter handle by the name @hmmachaniceoki and also one of the followers of Bulli Bai on twitter.

Previously the court requested the DCP to file a detailed reply, by way of an affidavit, clearly depicting the difference between subject matter of the two FIRs and also depicting that which FIR is anterior in point of time. 

In response to this the DCP informed the court that the instant FIR is anterior in point of time to the FIR registered in Mumbai.

The additional sessions judge Dharmender Rana noted that the accused Neeraj Bishnoi in cahoots with the applicant and other co accused persons has developed the scandalous bullibai app. The conduct of the accused persons in the instant case is against the ever cherished constitutional ethos of secularism and fraternity ensuring the dignity of any individual and modesty of a woman. The allegations leveled against the applicant are serious in nature.

The court stated that the allegations against the applicant are grave in nature as it is a direct onslaught upon the dignity and modesty of the woman of a particular community. 

The court while dismissing the anticipatory bail application added that to unravel the obscure and undetected aspects of the crime, sustained custodial interrogation of the applicant is desirable.

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Case title: State v/s Vishal Sudhirkumar Jha

Citation: FIR No. 01/22 PS Special Cell

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