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JurisHour is an online news portal for reporting accurate and honest news, articles, judgments, Circulars, orders and notifications related to legal developments. We use the tagline ‘Proficiency At Your Doorstep’. Jurishour’s mission is to simplify and communicate various legal developments in various spheres like civil, criminal, taxation, etc. and make people aware of their rights and duties in order to empower them to contribute to nation-building.

JurisHour is a team of young professionals turned legal journalists who are guided by the values enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution of India and want to create more legal awareness in society by acting as a tool to aid legal reforms by offering a space for constructive criticism of the judiciary.

JurisHour would like to hear readers’ suggestions and Criticisms. Please write to our editorial team at info@jurishour.in.

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Invitation For Guest Blog

The blog may contain articles, academic papers and other scholarly writings that contain a more in-depth analysis of any topic related to Law. We accept the submission of materials that have originally been written for a different purpose (e.g. during studies).